Meeting closures due to


Many meetings are currently not meeting physically or having hybrid physical and online meetings using the video conferencing platform Zoom. Zoom meetings can be found by filtering for “Online Meetings” below. For any more questions please contact the helpline at (800) 561-2250. You may also read NAWS coronavirus statement.

Meetings are encouraged to consult this list of suggestions prior to re-opening.

For meeting updates or corrections contact

Meeting below are listed as either closed or open. Closed meetings are open to addicts or anyone who thinks they have a drug problem. Open meetings are open to addicts and non-addicts. Non-addicts are asked not to share during or give donations of any kind. A meeting’s open or closed status can be determined by expanding the light blue box under a meeting’s day and time below. For general questions about meetings contact

If seeking any further online meetings other than the ones listed above, please go to: Narcotics Anonymous Online Meetings