PR – Public Relations


Public Relations is NA’s face to the public.  We clarify what services NA can and cannot provide to the community in general.  We make NA members more aware of their role in NA’s public image.  We aim for the public to recognize NA as a positive and reliable organization.  We develop valuable relationships with professionals and the general public.  Establishing and maintaining a commitment to these relationships can help us to further our primary purpose.



**  Next months PR meeting will be at G.O.D. on 12/8/18 @ 1:00 pm before metro **


PR meets at No Excuses (218 Delaware, KCMO 64105) on every second Tuesday of each month at 8:05pm.  Many opportunities to serve have minimal or no clean-time requirements.

  • PHONELINE – Members take 12-hour shifts covering our toll-free hotline, answering calls from suffering addicts or out-of-town members looking for meetings in KC.
  • GROUPS & ORGANIZATIONS – Make presentations and explain NA to professional groups and conventions, so they understand that NA is a well-respected, proven option for their drug-addicted clients.
  • WEBSITE – Help our Metro website ( stay up-to-date with information that can benefit existing members and help potential members find a meeting in KC.
  • BULLIETINS AND FLYERS – Help place posters, fliers, and/or meeting schedules in public places visible to addicts seeking recovery.
  • DIRECTORIES – Help us maintain an accurate printable version of the Metro meeting schedule.


All NA Members welcome

Please download copy of PR flyer (click here) and take back to your group

You can learn more about PR at (click here)

Note.  PR (Public Relations) was formally known as PI (Public Information).

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