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Full Registration

  • Pre-Register Before Nov 1st: $60.00
  • Register After Nov 1st: $80.00
  • Includes: All Workshops and Speakers
  • Includes: Banquet Dinner ($36.00)
  • Includes: Breakfast Buffet ($24.00)
  • Includes: New Year’s Eve Event ($10.00)
  • Includes: All Other Activities

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Basic Registration

  • Pre-Register Before Nov 1st:  $20.00
  • Register After Nov 1st:  $30.00
  • Includes: All Workshops and Speakers
  • Extra Items Available À La Carte

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Have Guests?

Order extra banquet/event tickets for non-NA-members, including family/friends.


Don’t forget to pre-order your super cool hoodie!

Why Register?

Money collected from registrations are used to pay for hotel facilities and event expenses (including meeting rooms, workshops, service expenses, dances, supplies, printing, signs, travel, special events and much more.)


  1. By pre-registering, you save money.
  2. Pre-registering helps convention cover “up-front” costs hotel and convention center.
  3. Banquet dinner seats are limited.
  4. By purchasing banquet dinner, you will have up-front seating for the main speaker.
  5. It supports our primary purpose (5th Tradition).
  6. You help event stay self-supporting (7th Tradition).

Want to share some recovery buzz…

This event is fully supported by our 7th Tradition.